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Sissoo Tree Chilean Mesquite
Dalbergia sissoo
Closely resembling an Aspen, the Sissoo is perfectly at home in Nevada and thrives in ultra hot conditions. These trees grow very rapidly after planting. 
Our top-selling desert tree, this is a thornless variety of mesquite that provides lots of shade and grows very fast. They look great and can be planted just about anywhere.
Tipu Tree Museum Palo Verde
Tipuana tipu
Tipu trees are rapidly becoming one of the most popular varieties we sell. It grows incredibly fast, providing an umbrella of shade. They thrive in our summer heat.
Cercidium-parkinsonia hybrid
A very fast growing hybrid version of the classic Palo Verde. Provides the unique green trunks of the original only it grows faster, is cleaner, blooms stronger, and has no thorns. 
Big Leaf Elm Shamel Ash
Ulmus Pumila
The Big Leaf Elm, also called the Siberian Elm, is a fast growing and very drought hardy tree that's a great choice where shade is needed in poorly irrigated areas.
Fraxinus udhei
This is the number one selling ash variety that we carry. It's big, has a perfect shape, and grows extremely fast! Plant anywhere shade is needed.
Willow Acacia Chinese Evergreen Elm
Acacia salicina
Unique silver-blue leaves with a slightly weeping appearance make this tree useful for many landscape styles. Plant anywhere you need a large tree quickly.
Ulmus parvifolia
Commonly grown in most of the Southern U.S. for over a century, Chinese Elms still remain a highly popular choice for shade in any landscape application.
Arizona Ash Majestic Beauty Ash
Fraxinus velutina
This is large & very fast growing ash. Native to Nevada, it performs well at low elevations & provides maximum shade in the summer  while allowing brief sun in the winter during its deciduous period. 
Majestic Beauty Ashes boast large and gorgeous semi-evergreen canopies and grow quite rapidly, quickly establishing a large amount of shade in your landscape.
Australian Bottle Tree Fan Tex Ash
An Australian Native, this tree is naturally adapted to thrive in our dry and hot desert climate, growing at a very rapid rate.
This medium - large ash variety performs well in the Southern U.S. Slightly rounded in shape and a little smaller than Shamel ash, this shade tree is perfect for almost any residential or commercial application.
Shoestring Acacia Acacia Saligna
A very unique evergreen desert tree, this extremely fast growing tree provides a tall, year-round weeping effect while using minimal water. Shoestring Acacias require very little pruning and cleanup.
Acacia Saligna
These Acacias grow a very wide umbrella-shaped canopy that provides filtered shade year round. They are a very fast growing tree with great durability to heat and cold.  
African Sumac Cottonwood
Rhus Lancea
A wide spreading, durable & fast-growing shade provider that has a large, stately appearance and thrives in intense heat or cold.
Populus fremontii
The Cottonwood is a super fast-growing tree that's well suited for shading large areas or providing a wind break for larger properties.
Raywood Ash Sycamore
Fraxinus oxycarpa
This is the darkest green of all the Ash varieties available. During fall, this tree is dominated by a rich burgundy color before it's brief  deciduous period, giving a much needed "fall" feeling to Nevada.
Populus fremontii
The Cottonwood is a super fast-growing tree that's well suited for shading large areas or providing a wind break for larger properties.
Bonita Ash Carob Tree
Fraxinus velutina
The Bonita Ash is a beautiful, full-sized shade tree that creates tons of shade wherever it's planted, while turning a classic seasonal golden color in the fall.
Ceratonia siliqua
Classicly umbrella shaped, durable and dark green, this unique tree makes a handsome addition to any yard. Grows well and tolerates even the hottest summer sun.
Eucalyptus Mimosa
Eucalyptus Spp.
Ultra-fast growing tree native to Australia, Eucalyptus are suitable for any desert environments and have proven durability, strength & growth.
Albizia julibrissin
This beautiful rainforest-style tree actually performs very well in the intense sun. Unique pink blooms highlight the tree throughout most of the late Spring, into early Summer.